Virtual Tour

Virtual Tours are very popular in the Real Estate Industry

The 3D experience gives the client a proper realistic (and virtually to scale) navigation of the project, as if the home buyer walking around with in the project. The home buyer can go through all exteriors, interiors of the project virtually from anywhere in the world on his comfort. These are especially valuable for big budget projects, corporate sales presentations and online lead generation.

There are several types of tours exist, including simple options such as interactive floor plans, and more sophisticated options such as full-project virtual tours. 

An interactive floor plan shows 360 photographs of a property with the aid of a floor plan and arrows to indicate where each photograph was taken. 

Key features:
  • Live Video Call

  • Auto-Pilot mode

  • Interactive hotspots

  • Gamification

  • Pic-in-Pic navigation

  • Google Street view

  • Analytics

Virtual tour appeal to those who want to experience the sights and sounds of particular places, but who may not have the time or the time or physical resources to actually travel there.


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